Are you serious about playing at the next level? 

Learn what it takes to win at "The Recruiting Game".

The Recruiting Seminar

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An in-depth and intensive recruiting seminar covering all the bases of the recruiting process. If you are like most families, you feel "in the dark" when it comes to where to start the recruiting process. Start today and learn how to take control and begin writing your own recruiting story!

643 Sports Talk

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643 Sports Talk is our social media outlet focused on the education of players, their parents, and coaches. Follow us and learn the critical rules of "The Recruiting Game".  Learn from interviews with college coaches, recruiting services, travel coaches and former players.

About Us


Our goal is to help families win "The Recruiting Game".  So much focus and attention is spent in the weight room and on the field that many families neglect the level of effort that is required to earn a scholarship.  We have the heart of teachers sharing our experience. 


“We went into the seminar thinking opportunities would just come along. We learned that you have to take an active role in seeking out those opportunities. The program includes a lot of resources needed to help make yourself known to coaches. I appreciate very much that the cost of the program was kept very reasonable. Well worth the time and money!

“Whether to take the seminar is an easy decision- do it! You'll be very happy with the results."

"I had no idea where or when to start, this was a career saver."